Wonderful weather continues

08/18/2008 at 1:56 am (weekend update) (, , , )

The weather has continued to be beautiful. Middle 80s for a high during the day, and tonight the low’s supposed to be into the 50s. I can’t hardly believe it.

We didn’t really accomplish all that much this week.

I put together another 2×4 frame for our garden. I’ve got the two frames I have completed sitting on top of two 4-foot-by-4-foot pieces of plywood. The plywood will kill the grass and allow the worms and such to work up the sod for me.

Come early winter, I’ll remove the plywood and fill the frames with dead leaves and then put the plywood on top of the frames. So hopefully by this spring we’ll have several of these squares ready for planting, without me having to do much (if any) digging.

I re-read Robert Heinlein’s book, “Friday,” again this week. It really is a very good book. There are lots of elements of the book that I really hadn’t noticed before this last re-reading. I noticed so many new things that I think I’m going to turn around and read it again right away.

College starts Wednesday for me. I’m getting just a little nervous. Didn’t expect to be so nervous.


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