August has returned

08/30/2008 at 2:54 am (weekend update) (, , )

Well, the nice and cool weather we were experiencing finally went back to the north and we got our August back.

Boo hoo.

It’s not supposed to be quite as hot as it was before the cool spell but still warm enough and with plenty of humidity to go with it.

On a semi-related note the last several days have found me being kicked in the head by my good ole friend Mr. Allergies.

Allergies don’t normally bother me much here in Kansas, but the last couple days have been very bad. I’m hoping and praying for a little bit of sleep tonight.

The week before last school started.

The first day I was a very apprehensive of my choice to go back to school. By the second day of class my worries were gone, and now I am enjoying the class very much.

The class is Introduction to Literature. It is a prerequisite on my way to an English degree, but I figured (rightly so far) that it would be one of the classes that I would enjoy the most.

One of the main reasons is that I really enjoy reading, but I often don’t know what to read. I am hesitant to just pick stuff off the shelf randomly, so I reckoned that the class would open up some new literary horizons. And it has.

The high school classes are going slowly. Slower than I’d like. There have been a few disappointments in regards to that situation. Things not going quite the way that I was led to believe they would. But nothing that will stop me from achieving that goal. Though I sometimes find myself wishing that I’d simply gone and gotten the GED instead.

Noel made some wonderful stuffed cabbage buns for supper last week (she shared the recipe here). That’s a very good dish and I would highly recommend it.

It’s rapidly coming up on two months we’ve been without our car. And we are really loving it. We are saving a lot of money, our health is better than ever, and that decision has helped us to simplify our lives in other areas as well.

So there is another storm heading toward New Orleans. Nearly two years to the day after Katrina. Noel and I’s prayers go with the folks faced with that storm.


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