09/09/2008 at 9:46 pm (bible)

I’ve been reading through the Gospel of Mark recently. And this morning I read chapter 14.

I was struck by the story of the woman breaking the alabaster box and anointing Jesus with the oil it contained.

There were folks present that did not approve of the woman’s “waste” of the oil. But Jesus rebuked them strongly.

It is immediately after that story that Judas Iscariot went and made his deal to betray Jesus.

Did Judas betray the Lord because he was upset about being rebuked?



  1. mrsabbott said,

    You know, several years ago we studied Judas as part of a bible study. If I remember correctly, I think that Judas wanted Jesus to be more of an earthly king and overthrow the government or something like that. I want to say that he became pretty disenchanted with Christ during his time with him because he was not the king that he wanted Jesus to be. Although, I’m sure that being rebuked so strongly was the proverbial “straw”. In a fit of anger, and probably embarassment and wounded pride, he made his deal..
    I sometimes wonder though.. Jesus knew all along what was going to happen and that Judas would turn him in. He knew it from the beginning and knew that it was necessary in order for the prophecy to happen. So, I wonder if Jesus rebuked him so strongly in order to purposely push Judas’ buttons thus leading him to betray his teacher.

  2. doulamuse said,

    Interesting thought.

  3. Melissa said,

    Funny, I just studied that (In Matthew) what I got from the several commentaries I go through was along the lines of the first commenter. Everyone was looking for the King who was going to set up an earthly kingdom and set up his “buddies” in positions of power. At this “waste” of the perfume, Judas who pilfered from the money bag finally got it that sticking with this guy was not going to give him the power and money he was after. So he went to get some money that he knew could be had and be done working for the guy that was getting him nothing.

    The comment on the pushing the buttons is interesting. God hardened Pharoah’s heart, Jesus pushed Judas’s buttons.

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