Lost Tools of Living

09/29/2008 at 7:58 pm (thoughts)

About a year ago, blogger Rick Saenz over at Dry Creek Chronicles wrote a series of posts titled: Lost Tools of Living.

I’m reading through the series of posts now and I have to say that I am in absolute total agreement with what he had to say.

It’s almost spooky in how much it sounds like what I’ve been thinking myself the last little while.

I really recommend that series to everyone.

Here’s a quote from his introduction to the series:

After ten years or so we stood back and looked at the path we had followed, and we were surprised to discover that we had been steadily headed in a certain direction, one that was very much out of step with modern culture. In fact, as we would uncover and face up to yet another dangerous modern trend, we often found that the response that occurred to us was not to adopt some new and innovative approach but to search out old and time-tested approaches, ones that had seemed good and necessary to our forefathers but had been jettisoned in the name of progress.


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