Dinner time

10/02/2008 at 6:47 pm (food)

I hate microwaves.

I do not believe that it is safe to eat food warmed in a microwave.

But the only way to have hot food for dinner at work was to heat it in a microwave … until now.

Yesterday I bought a Thermos “The Rock” vacuum bottle to carry hot food to work for my dinner.

And today I took it to work for the first time. And I am impressed.

Noel heated my soup for me (on the stove) this morning while I was eating breakfast a little after 7 this morning. I took the food-filled bottle to work and stuck it in my locker.

At 12:30, I took my dinner break and sat down to eat. I was surprised to find my soup almost too hot to eat.

All morning I was wondering how it was going to be, I figured it’d be warm but not too hot. I was wrong.

Herrick Kimball over at the Deliberate Agrarian wrote a post about how he uses a vacuum bottle to cook his meals in. And I’m excited to try it.

He talks about putting oat groats in it before he goes to bed for breakfast the next morning.

I’m imagining having jars of various dehydrated foods that I can choose from. Put a scoop of lentils in, one of barley, some tomatoes and onions, whatever suits my fancy that day. And then pouring in some hot water from the hot pot and letting it cook all morning while I’m working.


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  1. mrsabbott said,

    Hmmm.. that might be something that Gabe could use while deployed or maybe when he gets back and has to work through meal times.. I’ll have to google it and check it out!

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