Neck ties

10/08/2008 at 8:12 am (people)

A co-worker was working clearance items yesterday while I was in the photo lab.

“Hey Nick, do you want to buy a tie?” She asked.

“Why would I want to buy a tie?”

“Cause they look nice.”

“I think they look rather odd. I mean, it’s a strip of fabric that you tie around your neck and let dangle down your front. Why would I want to wear that?”

“Cause everyone else wears them.”

“Which just makes them all the more odd to me. Nobody thinks they look nice. Everybody wears them because everybody else wears them and it’s the ‘expected’ thing to do.”

“But what if you get a job that requires it?”

“I won’t ever be getting a job that requires it.”

“You’re weird.”

“You’re just figuring that out?” :)



  1. mrsabbott said,

    Well, I think my husband looks very nice in a tie! ;) Although, I suppose if I think about it, they are a little pointless. I guess it’s sort of a man’s version of a brooch or decorative scarf. LOL!

  2. Sunshine said,


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