Thoughts about money

10/12/2008 at 1:45 pm (thoughts)

I’ve been having lots of thoughts about money lately. Lots of things that I’ve believed for a long time have come into much clearer focus during the past couple weeks.

I scribbled some notes to myself last night while I was thinking. So I thought that I’d post my scribbles here. If I can get my thoughts organized, maybe I’ll make a longer post about the subject later.


  1. Root of the world system
  2. Everything revolves around it
  3. We are trained from an early age that we cannot live without it.
  4. We are trained that any enterprise that does not increase our wealth is not worthwhile.
  5. The true nature of money is purposefully confused, distorted and hidden.
  6. Spending is a carefully and maliciously cultivated addiction.

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