Chicken housing

10/15/2008 at 1:52 pm (home)

Couple of items in the chicken housing arena.

First of all I threw together a new brooder.

At the rate these fellows were growing, they were going to rapidly outgrow the washtub we had been keeping them.

So we borrowed a pickup today and got a couple 2x4s and two sheets of 1/4 inch plywood. It isn’t what you might call “pretty” but it should, Lord willing, keep the girls happy until they move outdoors.

And speaking of moving outdoors, our neighbor had an old chicken coop on their property. We got to talking with them, and somehow the discussion turned into me asking them if they’d be willing to sell it.

Since they weren’t using it as is, and this neighbor has some plans for the concrete slab the coop is sitting on, he said we could just have it, if we took it apart and moved it.

So Sunday and Monday I spent working on taking apart this old chicken coop.

Obviously this picture was taken before I really started working on it. You can see in the foreground the roost and one set of nest boxes that were inside it.

So it has been one week since we bought the birds. Now I have five weeks to finish taking the coop apart and get it put back together at our place.


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