Signal to noise

10/15/2008 at 5:53 pm (thoughts)

I seem to remember when you could actually find useful information on the internet fairly easily.

It’s just not that way anymore.

I had thought that our next move as far as livestock was concerned would be goats. But I’m thinking that I’ll probably go with rabbits for the next project instead.

So I’ve been trying to find information on building a rabbit hutch. And it just doesn’t seem to be going as well as I’d hoped.

What is it with these new sites that are nothing but links to other sites? It seems like the top results whatever I search for anymore is just one of these sites. And what is the purpose of these link sites? Are they snagging my email address if I visit them?

I used to like the internet, I thought overall it was a good thing. But I am quickly changing my opinion about that.


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  1. Brenda said,

    I just discovered your blog, through a comment you left for Michael Bunker on his post for Nov. 3rd. It’s rare to find Christians who see through ChristMass! I’m looking forward to exploring your blog…so far, looks great!

    I found these sites with rabbit hutch instructions:

    You might also want to try a search on to see some examples of hutches.

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