10/16/2008 at 8:27 pm (thoughts)

Have you ever noticed that you have to be an “expert” to get anything done now-a-days?

Roof your house? Call an expert.

Car broke? Call an expert.

Hungry? Call an expert.

Bored, in need of entertainment? Call an expert.

Sick? Call an expert.

We are taught that to be successful in life we have to become an expert in a single field in order to earn enough money to pay someone to do everything else for you. 

Folks today have completely lost the gumption to do for themselves.

Those of us who do choose to try to do for ourselves are looked at as crazy people. And we are portrayed as incompetent in the media (think “Tim the Tool Man”).

Even worse are the ever-abundant laws and regulations that are made to discourage folks from doing for themselves. It’s all for our own good though …


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