Light up the darkness

10/30/2008 at 2:31 pm (home)

Noel and I got a crazy notion to go to Wal-Mart last night right about sunset.

So we clipped on the lights and headed out.

It was a great ride.

One of the things I wanted to get at Wal-Mart was a new oil lamp.

The previous lamp we have we purchased at a garage sale and it works okay. But the chimney doesn’t sit on the burner correctly. And I’ve often wondered if the lamp didn’t burn as brightly as it could because of it.

They had only one lamp on the shelf at the store and it was $6 so I went ahead and bought it. It’s a nice looking thing with a glass base. It appears to be a bit smaller overall than our other one. But it is significantly brighter.

The older lamp put out enough light to read by as long as the book was directly beside the lamp. This new lamp however gives enough light to read while it is sitting on an end table between our two chairs.

So I’m looking forward to giving it more of a workout in the future.


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