Barley Cake

11/01/2008 at 7:02 pm (uncategorized)

I made some barley cake today by accident. Yesterday I was measuring out the ingredients to make some barley bread for Nick to take to work. Then, I got an idea to also make some snicker doodles when the barley bread came out of the oven. In my haste to hurry, I forgot I was making barley bread and dumped the snicker doodle ingredients right into the bowl for the bread. I was so disgusted with myself for doing that I almost threw the whole thing to start over. Instead, I put all the mess into a jar and froze it for later. Then, I made the barley bread as usual except I realized after half making it that I was out of milk! So, I substituted water instead and it turned out surprisingly the same, only a slightly different taste to it. Made the snicker doodles too. They turned out good. So,  I thought I’d do some experimenting today and dumped out the ingredients, adding some butter, (I didn’t even measure, it was just some leftover stick from yesterday) an egg, and enough water to make a sort of batter. And a sprinkle or two of cinnamon. Then, I baked it until it was done. I was surprised at how good it tasted! Now, if I can just make it again sometime! It reminded me of coffee cake without the crumbly topping though there was a bit of crust on top that was sweet and crispy. Very moist cake! Yummy!


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  1. mrsabbott said,

    This isn’t the same, but I found this recipe and it looks yummy! :)

    If you figure out the recipe again, make sure you post it!

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