Scythe and chicks

11/13/2008 at 11:17 am (home)

Well, after a quick run to the hardware store for some wood glue, I have a scythe!

agoodscytheI noticed a while back that the chicks were continually roosting on top of their waterers and feeders. So I put a log in there for them to sit on.

At first they were so scared of the thing that they ran to the other side of their box and wouldn’t get near it.

Now they fight over who gets to sit on the thing!




  1. Brenda said,

    A man and his trusty scythe! What a great picture.
    I’m glad to know that a simple log works as a roost for the chickens. I’ve only seen roosts raised above the ground, using a pole, but a log would be cheaper, and it seems to work just as well. I’m hoping to have chickens for the first time, this spring, Lord willing, and I may try a log roost.


  2. mrsabbott said,

    Wow! Your chicks have gotten BIG! :)

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