11/14/2008 at 3:02 pm (thoughts)

I truly think that many modern people have no concept of reality.

Here are a couple of real conversations that Noel and I have had in the past to illustrate this point.

We walk in through the door it’s raining.

“Why are you all wet?” asks our host.

“Because it’s raining,” we reply with incredulous looks.

“But why are you wet?”

“Ummm … because it’s raining, and rain is wet.”

Conversation two, a visitor to our house was captivated by the wood stove.

“I don’t understand, why is it so hot?”

“Because there’s a fire in there.”

“But why is it so hot?”

“Umm … cause fire is hot.”

These conversations — remarkably similar they may be — were held with two different people.

Have we moved ourselves so far from the basic facts of life that people are really this ignorant?



  1. mrsabbott said,

    Wait? You mean rain is wet and fire is hot? Really? Are you sure?? Wooow… I never knew…

    LOL! ;) Too funny!

  2. Brenda said,

    I think that urbanization has shielded them from reality. Why would you get wet in the rain? People that drive around in cars don’t get wet in the rain. Why is the stove hot? Their heat comes out of a vent in the floor, and it doesn’t burn their hands. It’s pretty shocking, I agree.

  3. Sunshine said,

    Oh my! And I thought I was ditzy! LOL

  4. Ginny said,

    I know someone who will not eat eggs from a farm, but they will eat eggs from the store. When asked why, he said, “Because I know where the farm eggs come from.” (Meaning, the rear end of chickens…) But, when asked where he thinks the store eggs come from, he said, “The store!!!” and slammed his mind closed. It is comically sad.

  5. doulamuse said,

    In our age of PC gone batty and lawsuit happy consumers, companies have gone out of their way to make devices as safe as possible. Anything from cool burning heaters that shut off when tipped [a good safety precaution I might add] to stupid warning labels that even my 5 year old wouldn’t try. People are so disconected with reality, it’s sad and frightening. What would our society do as a whole if *shudder* there was a collapse to our economic system and things had to be done the old fashioned way? I fear that many would perish at their own hands. Anywhere from burning indoors unvented and suffering carbon monoxide poisioning to actually burning down their house because they ‘didn’t know fires get hot’. Or perhaps suffering from over exposure to the elements because when it’s raining outside, you can get wet. Or when it’s cold outside you can get too cold and yes even die.
    I realize not all people are this disconnected with reality, but more than enough are. Heaven help us.

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