11/17/2008 at 7:19 pm (uncategorized)

Through a link on another blog I found my way to Eleutheros’ blog titled How Many Miles From Babylon.

This same fellow used to write on a blog called Free Man’s Table which I enjoyed very much, but which he has not updated in years.

I was very happy to find that he is still writing. The last couple of days have found me reading all his archived posts every free minute I can spare.

So far I like everything he has written very much.



  1. Brenda said,

    Herrick Kimball recently quoted “Eleutheros” on debt, and that’s how I discovered him. I’ve added his blog, How Many Miles From Babylon, to my blog roll. I also found myself in agreement with him, although I haven’t yet read everything. He’s a deep thinker and a discerning cultural critic! I’m glad that you found him too.

  2. Nick Wright said,

    That’s the very link by which I found my way to Free Man’s blog.

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