A study of contrasts

11/25/2008 at 9:35 pm (home, thoughts)

Yesterday was a good day.

I spent the morning finishing up pulling the chicken coop down from our friend’s land. I was very happy that when I pulled the roof down, not a single one of the good studs broke during the fall. The rotted ones did, but that’s no matter.

I took a little break to eat dinner and read a little before heading over to our other friends’ place to help them butcher two of their turkeys.

It was a long hard good day. We accomplished a lot of work that has real value. In both cases work that directly relates to one of the necessities of our lives (i.e.- food).

I got to thinking about this this morning while at my “day job.” And I got to thinking what a contrast it was. Yesterday I did good meaningful work directly related to making a living (in the utterly true sense of the word). But how that today I had to go sell myself to some company to do work that has very little real value.

The reason that we have to do that is because the world has decided that it isn’t enough to just make a living, we have to make “dollars.” And the world has found that it is extremely profitable for them to keep us so busy making “dollars” that we don’t have time to make a living so that we have to purchase a prepackaged “living” from the factory.

Though I am heartened to see that many folks seem to be waking up to the fact that like all the other factory produced junk available this prepackaged “life” is not worth its true cost, I still fear it is too little too late.

We have too many folks completely dependent upon this system. We have too many folks completely addicted to the “comforts.” Too many folks still believe that that way is better.

But there are two things that keep that factory running, cheap “money” and cheap petroleum. And I believe the days of both of those items are gone forever … we just haven’t figured it out yet.


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