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Noel writes-

Around this time of year, many people are using cloves to stick in their ham to bake for the holidays. Did you know that cloves are good for much more than that? Too many people think that you have to use something expensive or hard to find if you’re feeling out of sorts. With the cold weather settling in, you might find yourself with a sore throat or stuffed up head. I know I was a few months ago. So, that’s when I took out my container of whole cloves and made myself a cup of tea.

Yes, you read right, I drink clove tea! It is delicious.

This is how I make it for our family. I take 1/4- 1/2 teaspoon whole cloves and simmer it in one cup of water for 10 minutes. I make sure to use a tight fitting lid while it simmers. This makes enough for one person. I don’t like to double it for two people, (I just simply make two separate batches) because it’s stronger tasting, more potent than tea. If it does come out darker and stronger, then I simply take 1/4 cup at a time. You can also reuse the cloves a few times for other batches.

I usually sweeten it bit with a few drops of honey, but the other day I made some, and decided to try it unsweetened. It was really good.

So, the next time your throat is feeling sore, or you’ve got a sinus headache, breathe in the steam of the tea as you drink it. I think you’ll be surprised at how much better you’ll feel. Cloves is good for much more than just what I’ve mentioned. To find out more uses of cloves, read my favorite book.

I like this book because she goes through 10 herbs that are found in most cupboards and the directions are easy to follow with great results. I haven’t tried all the herbs mentioned, just the ones I find every day in my cupboard. I sure like this book very much!



  1. Sunshine said,

    Clove tea is WONDERFUL!!! I woke yesterday with a chest full of gunky phlem (gross, I know) and I could barely talk. But I drank clove tea all through out the day ( no medicine) and by evening I was feeling great- no chest congestion and I could talk again! I don’t sweeten mine, I think it’s delicious just as it is and it smells so good while it’s steeping. I am a firm believer in clove tea…

  2. Brenda said,

    Noel: I had some clove tea this morning, since I feel that I’m on the brink of a cold, and I first heard about it in one of Nick’s posts. I’d like to know which book you’re referring to when you mention your favorite book. Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see a link??

    I’d be interested in any future posts about the herbal remedies you use, thanks!

  3. Noel Wright said,

    There you go. You should be able to view the link now. Click on where it says: “my favorite book”. Sorry about that!

  4. Brenda said,

    Thanks, Noel, for the link; I’ll look into it. I have the book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing by Phyllis A. Balch (which weighs about 3 pounds!)
    I have only recently started to study about herbs and natural remedies, and I’m thankful my husband lets me experiment on him!

  5. mrsabbott said,

    Hmmm.. I just might have to give this a try. I’m currently suffering from a horrid head cold and sinus headache but you know me.. I HATE to take medicine! And I just so happen to have some whole cloves that I use when making Indian food… Do you put the cloves directly into the cup or are you supposed to wrap them in a cheesecloth or something?

  6. Angel Perkins said,

    Tried this tonight and it WAS delicious! Even more so than I expected!

  7. Nick Wright said,

    noel writes: I put them directly in the tea cup. So they can float to the bottom and steep. then I pick them out or strain them out. Cloves work great for sinus headaches! Be sure to breathe in the steam of the tea while drinking it!

  8. Ginny said,

    Okay, I have been meaning to try this ever since you posted it. This morning, I am particularly clogged and the tea is steeping. I will let you know how it works. :-)

  9. Ginny said,

    Well, I am not very good at following directions. I didn’t notice that you said simmer, I saw steep, which is ingrained in my head alongside the word tea. So, I poured boiling water over the cloves and let it steep while I went down into the basement and lost track of time doing laundry. I came up and strained the warm tea. It is not hot anymore and it is not dark. It does, however, have a wonderful clove flavor. I do feel a little less congested and pressurized, too. Is it supposed to be dark like tea? I’m sure it works better when it is steaming hot, too. I will make another cup today, using the same cloves, and do it right this time. ;-) Thanks for the info.

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