We’re in real trouble

11/28/2008 at 6:38 pm (people)

So the rumor goes that this morning at Wal-Mart there was a lady with the newest X-Box game system in her cart. And some guy comes by and grabs the thing out of her cart.

This intrepid lady — so the story goes — rears back and socks the guy. Who turns around and punches her right back.

This is over a video game system.

Can you imagine what it’ll be like if there’s ever a shortage of something that folks actually need to survive? I don’t want to.



  1. mrsabbott said,

    What is even worse is that this morning, a Walmart employee (a man in his 30’s) was trampled to death as customers rushed through the doors to be the first one’s to get all the Black Friday sales.. People just knocked him down and stepped on him. No one tried to help him. And for what? To save a few bucks on a toy? It breaks my heart that something like this happened..
    It seems like “Black Friday” has taken on a whole new meaning… :(

  2. Sunshine said,

    Wow. Just… wow.

  3. TNDadx4 said,

    This is incredible to think about. You are right, though. I can;t imagine what it would be like if there’s ever a shortage of actual necessities.

  4. Clair Schwan of Frugal Living Freedom said,

    All of this shows us what some people think is really important. Saving a few bucks and being one of the few to have the lastest gadget is an achievement in the minds of many. Evidently it’s something we are willing to kill for.

    I never thought that Christmas was for honoring retail sales and consumerism. Am I missing something?


  5. doulamuse said,

    shame, shame, shame.

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