Uses for garlic

12/06/2008 at 2:43 pm (herbs, uncategorized) ()

noel writes-

Ever heard of a garlic foot bath? I hadn’t either until I read 10 Essential Herbs by Lalitha Thomas. I tried it back when we first moved to Kansas. I had been battling a cold for way longer than I wanted to. I figured, why not?

Now before you think I’m totally crazy here’s some thoughts for you: A garlic bath (or foot bath) is a great way to relax, rejuvenate, detoxify, and an enjoyable way to dose yourself with garlic to make SHORT work of many common colds, flu and daily stresses. It is also a dynamic form of prevention of illness. If you’re still reading this, then here’s how to find some relief:

First get some garlic water. Garlic water is made from fresh garlic crushed or blended well in pure water. Strain out the pulp or not according to use. This water can be added to foot bath, bathtub or used as an antibiotic wash for wounds.

Make some garlic water and add to a small tub of hot water. Soak your feet for 20 minutes or more. This footbath will draw toxins from the entire body, soothe tension and anxiety, rejuvenate sore or tired feet and legs, speed recovery from colds and flu.

Dosage: For each one gallon of water in the foot bath, add 10-16 cloves of fresh garlic crushed well or blended with approximately 2 cups of water. no need to strain for this purpose.

I like the cloves for when I’m sick but if the sickness is lingering, I’ll cut it short with a garlic foot bath! It’s no fun being sick!!!



  1. doulamuse said,

    Interesting! I use garlic on the children’s feet when they have a cold. Crushed garlic suspended in un-petroleum or regular petroleum jelly, then apply generously to the feet, cover w/natural cloth and socks. Keep warm under blankets over night. Works great. So I’m going to try this next time I need some cold relief! Thanks for the great tip.

  2. Brenda said,

    Wow, that’s news to me! But garlic certainly has amazing properties. When I had a very painful back molar, a few months ago, I crushed some raw garlic with honey and packed it around the tooth. It really helped the pain, since I read that both garlic and honey have antibacterial properties. I’ll try the garlic foot bath sometime, and look forward to my hubby’s reaction! LOL

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