Other ways to use garlic

12/09/2008 at 8:43 am (uncategorized)

Something I like to make but don’t eat very often since Nick doesn’t like the smell of garlic:
I take a piece of french bread (my first choice) or regular bread and butter it and then toast it in the oven and when it comes out I spread it with raw minced garlic. A sprinkle or two of paprika, salt and pepper goes on top. It’s important to not cook the garlic if you’re eating it for the purpose of feeling better with a cold or flu. Yummy!

Don’t forget to chew on a clove bud to get rid of the garlic breath when you’re done!



  1. Brenda said,

    Noel: I wonder if the garlic breath could be avoided by mixing the chopped garlic with juice and drinking it without chewing the garlic?? You would still get the health benefits, but lose out on the great taste. Raw garlic is also known for lowering high blood pressure. I have gone off of my medication (yay!) and am controlling it with magnesium supplements, but plan to add garlic for more effectiveness. Nice to hear from you, Noel :-)

  2. Nick Wright said,

    Funny enough, it’s not so much the garlic breath that bothers me. It is mostly the smell of it cooking, which I cannot stand for some reason.

    Which is funny because I generally love garlic in and on my food. I just can’t be in the house while she’s preparing it!


  3. mrsabbott said,

    I love garlic and cook with it frequently. I love the smell of garlic too! Interesting tidbit.. by eating garlic regularly, it help you become naturally repellent to mosquito’s.

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