Ice biking

12/15/2008 at 11:54 am (bicycle)

My greatest concern about being car-free was ice.

Snow I knew I could handle. Ice was another story. I didn’t see how I could possibly bicycle on ice.

So I started researching and I found out that you can purchase studded tires for your bicycle for riding on ice.

But I haven’t gotten around to purchasing any yet, they run about $80 each.

And last night we got plenty of ice. So I was a little nervous.

But I didn’t need to worry at all. The bicycle with its normal tires performed as though it were on dry pavement. If you had blind-folded me and put me on the bike I wouldn’t have been able to tell I was riding on ice.

I was really really surprised.

The most dangerous part about bicycling on ice was all the idiots in motor vehicles tearing around doing doughnuts and fishtailing.



  1. Brenda said,

    I’m quite surprised, too! I didn’t think you would get any traction on ice. Be careful out there!

  2. Allen Shropshire said,

    Just found your blog through a long list of agrarian links. I have enjoyed reading several posts.
    I too bike to work loaded with full panniers.You can see my bike here – The weather here has just turned and I have been negotiating the ice and snow lately. I have rode in the winter for years but I have just discovered the studded bike tires. I would really like to try some! The ice riding isn’t too bad until there is a strong side wind trying to kick my tires out from under me. My dear wife worries a lot about me riding on ice with all the traffic and has promised a set of those tires for my birthday. I’m excited to try them.
    Be careful out there.
    Allen Shropshire

  3. doulamuse said,

    Glad that you are having success on the ice. Yes do watch out for those nuts in automobiles! I’m staying home and need not venture out in the nasty weather.

  4. BabySpicePDX said,

    Oh yeah, I love biking year around and you are absolutely correct that most bikes perform quite well in snow or ice. One thing that really helps improve the handling is to partially deflate the tires. The tires on my mountain bike normally call for 85psi but in slick conditions I just drop them down to 70-75psi and I cruise.

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