Snow biking

12/16/2008 at 7:55 pm (bicycle)

So yesterday I learned how to bike on ice.

And last night we received about an inch of snow. So today I learned how to bike on snow.

Funny enough it was harder to ride on the snow than it was on the ice. I suppose it was because the snow is loose stuff while the ice was solid.

One thing I learned real quick was that it was easier to ride in fresh snow than in snow that had been packed down by cars. The little ruts really make it difficult to keep the bicycle pointed in the direction you want it to go.



  1. Ginny said,

    This all sounds like good experience, although scary.

  2. Clair Schwan of Frugal Living Freedom said,

    The biggest challenge will be riding on fresh snow that covers glare ice underneath. You’ll never see the ice, but it will let you know that it’s there.


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