A return to human time

12/19/2008 at 6:13 pm (thoughts)

One of the things that I fervently hoped would happen as a result of my new job would be that the pace of our lives would slow down again.

And it has, and I am so immensely pleased.

Let me ramble on a bit about it.

When we lived in Missouri, it seemed as time went sooo slow. Days lasted forever. We were rarely ever rushed. We lived there for only a year, but it honestly seemed almost an eternity. It was great.

Then I got the fool notion that I wanted to be a photographer again. And I got a job at the paper here and that sense of slow time vanished.

We moved here in September 2005 and I left the paper July 2008. Those three years of my life are gone and they flew by like the blink of an eye. We never had time for anything, it was always on to the next thing.

I thought getting out of the paper would change things. The problem is that I went to work at a national chain drugstore. Things were just as hectic, just confined to a small retail space. My time flew by just as quickly. Never having enough time in the day. And I hated it.

But this new job is different. I am allowed ample time to complete all the tasks assigned to me. I work about three hours in the morning, and then I go home.

And that slow-paced lifestyle I yearned for has come back. I once again have time! That is such an amazing thing in our society today.

Folks today work so hard at turning all their time into money, and they don’t know what it is they’ve lost.


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