Isn’t it easier?

12/26/2008 at 8:27 pm (thoughts)

When talking to certain family members about what we’ve been up to, we often here the question in the title of this post: “Isn’t it easier to … ?”

For example we’ve been helping a friend of ours butcher more turkeys recently.

Relating the day to family on the phone Noel was asked the question, “Isn’t it easier to just buy from the store?”

First of all, it is NOT easier to purchase a turkey from the store.

It only appears to be easier to the consumer because so much of the process involved in putting the bird on the shelf is hidden from the consumer.

If you take the entire process of taking a factory farm turkey from farm to store into account it is absolutely and unquestionably easier to raise your own bird, kill it, clean it, and put it in your freezer.

Secondly — and more importantly –, it isn’t about what’s “easier” it’s about what’s better.

The turkeys were kept in a more natural environment than factory farm turkeys. They were fed a more natural diet. They were not pumped full of chemicals to make them grow to unnatural sizes in unnaturally short periods of time. These turkeys were killed humanely. They were processed in a clean environment.

These turkeys will taste better. They will be more healthful and nutritious. In short, everything about these turkeys will be better.

I’ve been pondering why we hear this question so often. And I think the problem boils down to a difference of definition.

We put a lot of emphasis on living the “simple” life. And I believe the folks asking us this question define “simple” as “easier.”

But as I talked about earlier, the modern life isn’t really easier. It only appears to be easier because all the things making that life complicated are hidden from general view.

I say hidden, but that’s not even really true. The thing is not hidden so much as it is so big and so complicated as to be incomprehensible.

And that’s the key to my definition of simple.


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  1. doulamuse said,

    I think that you already know that I agree w/this post 100%!! :D And yes, farm raised/homegrown DOES taste better.

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