Putting on the door

12/28/2008 at 7:38 pm (animals)

Finally got around to putting a door on the lower half of the chicken coop so that I can get their feeder and waterer out without lifting the entire coop up.

Here’s some funny video Noel shot while I was working.



  1. Ginny said,

    LOL! Well, at least Noel had fun! heehee
    And the chickens were entertained…

  2. Sunshine said,

    Wouldn’t it have been easier to…
    lol! That was hysterical! Those chickens look mean though, you couldn’t have PAID me to stick my head in there!

  3. mrsabbott said,

    The chickens were probably thinking to themselves, “What on Earth is he doing?? Is he going to move in??” LOL!

  4. Matt Davis said,

    Hey Nick,

    Those chickens look almost the same age as ours. Ours are due to start laying in March/April. We have 3 barred rocks that just started this week! Yippee! We have 4 buffs, 3 Auricanas, and 3 wyondots in the next batch (April layers) and 5 RI reds due to lay in April/May. Are those RI reds? We’ve had RI reds, barred rocks, Auricanas, Americanas and brown Leghorns which all layed great in the past. We went with the ones we did this time because they are said to be the closest to pre-industrial chickens that there are and are good foragers and the broodiness has not been completely bred out of them yet. Also, people LOVE the multi colored eggs when buying them.

    The portable chicken pins we built are very similar to that one except square, not A-frame. A square frame was recommended to me for here because of the long heat season. Also, we decided just to put their feed on the ground. That way we don’t have to pay for feeders (except when they are very young and still in the brooders). This has the added effect of making the chickens till the ground for us.

    Thanks for posting the funny video. I was very happy to see that I wasn’t the only one who has done that very same thing.

    • Nick Wright said,

      We have Rhode Island Reds and Black Australorps.

      I was just thinking about you yesterday. I was afraid I’d scared you off with my response to your last comment. ;D

  5. Matt Davis said,

    I’m not easily scared off. Usually, it’s me who does the scarring… or offending… or just plain making people angry. I’ve been able to read a few blogs but have very limited my commenting due to the fact I’ve been so busy around here. We are trying to get our house ready to go on the market in January. I have a very heavy burden on my heart about our debt (mortgage is all the debt we have) and it is compounded by what I believe is going to be very tumultous times coming soon. I’m not worried as God is truly in control, but I think we need to keep our eyes open and be prepared as much as is possible for it.

    Have you ever tried rabbits?

    God Bless and have a Happy New Year.

  6. Nick Wright said,

    Have you ever tried rabbits?

    They are next on my list. Hopefully I can get a hutch cobbled together from the leftovers of the chicken tractor in the next couple weeks.

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