12/30/2008 at 8:08 pm (food)

A dear friend of mine, from Texas, gave me a box of black tea once. She had only known me for less than a few weeks and already knew that I loved tea! I miss her! Well, when I tried the tea back then I found it too dark and strong. So, I stashed it away in my tea tin and saved it. Sure glad I did too, because Nick loves it! It’s one of his favorites.

How did this happen? Well, back when Nick still worked at Walgreens he was really enjoying drinking the Arizona teas specifically one with ginseng and honey in it.  He didn’t want to always have to buy it from them. They were fairly cheap but still cost us money. So I got him to try a cup of the tea from Sarah and he liked it.

Now, he was enjoying it and so  when we ran out of it, I substituted some generic brand of tea that we had always enjoyed iced before. The standard kind you buy in the tea section, I think it’s black and orange pekoe.  But it was too late, he’d had the good stuff and couldn’t stand it! It was so flavorless.

Then one day I tried it and now, I look forward to waking up to have a cup. Since then, I have been drinking tea like crazy and enjoying trying new ones. Which is great, because I recently received a nice sample of different kinds of tea from a good friend that I met through the local co-op I joined. (She has a love for herbs like me and I’m really glad I met her.)

I haven’t tried them all yet but  so far my favorite is one called  Rooibos vanilla. I don’t know if it’s caffeinated or not, but after drinking 3 cups of it, I had a hard time getting to sleep. Now, I’ll be sure to drink it in the morning and not right before bed.. Oh, it is sooo delicious!

I also just found out that Arizona makes hot tea now. I’ll have to see if they have our favorite in bag form.


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  1. doulamuse said,

    Mmmm, makes we want to go brew a cup of bengal spice! Hot tea, it’s warming to the body and often just as soothing. :)

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