Saturated with the Word

03/23/2009 at 12:45 pm (uncategorized)

I want to be saturated with the Word of God.

You know how sometimes you can have a song stuck in your head for hours or even days. Nick was telling me that happened to him the other day at work while listening to his ipod while vacuuming.

I want the Word of God stuck in my head. Can you imagine? Not being able to think about anything else because some scripture verse won’t stop replaying itself in your mind. I think that would be the greatest thing in the world!

A few weeks ago, I dug out a cd I bought years ago called Power Confessions. The reason why is that I have been having problems with depression and just felt so mentally tired.  I knew I couldn’t go on this way and that I needed to get myself under control. I knew I had a choice to make- dwell on what’s making me depressed or  bring my thoughts under control by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The cd is all about confessing the Word. It tells me who I am in Christ, what I can do in Christ, what the scriptures say about me, what God is to me, and promises of God to me. The pastor says the scripture and gives you time to repeat it.  He calls it his spiritual aerobics program. Each morning I listen to it and find myself strengthened and encouraged by the time I am done. I love it!

Lord, help me to saturate myself with your Word. Let it soak into me.



  1. LizBeth said,

    Noel, glad to see you guys! Thanks for the post. I deal with depression, too. Calling it what it is is certainly the place to start. Sometimes I’m so down that it is a battle to even get to the Word, but once I do there is peace and rest. The Lord always helps us solve problems rather than deny them. And when there is no solution — there is still the Lord who is constant. God bless!

  2. Angel Perkins said,

    That is a great thing – I totally feel the same way!

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