About us

Hello, we are Nick and Noel Wright.

We were married on March 6, 1997, near Destin, FL.

We are currently trying to learn how to make our living from nine-tenths of an acre in southeast Kansas.

We believe in the simple life. That is not to be confused with the “easy” life though. When we say simple, we mean direct. In other words, we choose to do for ourselves instead of paying someone else to make our living for us.

We choose manual tools over motorized. We choose wood heat over electric. We ride bicycles instead of owning a motor vehicle. We grow all the food we can instead of buying from the store.


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  1. Deborah said,

    Nick and Noel,
    Your way of life will bring you more and more blessings. My husband and I are 58 and 53. We have moved toward what you are doing for many years. The farther we get onto simple living, the more content we become.
    It seems to us that God intends for us to live in harmony and in “sync” with the flow of the seasons and with the natural world. In the times we are doing that we are at our happiest and most content.
    We are happy for you that you have found this at a fairly young age and we pray that you will not ever be discouraged and move on. Our best wishes to you………Joe and Deborah

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